Creating Networks with Cytoscape

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With so many ideas in Cambridge’s Part I Economics course, it’s crucial to be able to fit the pieces together. To do this, I looked for software to easily create a stylised network. Cytoscape is an open source (free) software platform for visualising and interacting with complex networks. It’s easy to pick up and import data into and looks pretty. … Read More

Data Visualisation, an Outline

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Collect your data. My datasource was Mitchell et al (2011). I copied the figures off the PDF and converted them into column data via the free comma delimiter I then transferred the data to Google Sheets. Format your data. I deleted the rows with years in them with a formula (see below), and then deleted all extra rows with … Read More

How to: Compile Exam Questions

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It’s that time of year again! Here’s a walkthrough for compiling exam questions for more effective revision. Go to a year’s exam paper and copy the questions. Paste questions into (e.g. Workflowy) document, taking note of which year the paper was from. 2. Switch to the next year’s paper by changing the URL instead of going back to the exams page … Read More