IMO 2010-16 Mean Rank by Country

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Countries’ Mean IMO Rankings 2010-16. Click here to view a dynamic version on my Github page.   The 2016 International Maths Olympiad (IMO) took place last week, where the hosts – Hong Kong – came 9th overall, a historical high. Go Hong Kong! The continued dominance of countries such as the US, China and South Korea begged the question: which countries … Read More

How do you learn to ask questions?

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We’re told we should ask questions all the time. But what if you’re sitting there during a Q&A session after an excellent talk and genuinely can’t think of any questions? Two years ago, I decided I wanted to start asking questions. I ended up actually asking questions maybe 5-10% of the time. Now I ask questions around 50% of the time, and … Read More