Eradicating Unemployment with On-Demand Services?

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This week our Macroeconomics lecturer suggested that on-demand services such as Uber and TaskRabbit might eradicate unemployment. He claimed figures showed that unemployed people spent only two hours a week on average looking for jobs, so with Uber etc. they could earn money and work while still having enough time to look for new jobs they’d like to move on … Read More

Programming Problem Patterns #1

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Want to know common patterns in programming problems and mistakes people might make? Then this series is for you. In these posts I will document my main takeaways from doing programming problems and mistakes I make, whether they be outright errors or suboptimal code chunks. Each post has two parts: the problem statement and notes. I may include the solution … Read More

Bugger! Detecting Lane Lines

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This week I’ve been working on the first project of Udacity’s Self Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree – annotating lane lines in images and videos recorded from a front-facing camera mounted on the front of a car. There are plenty of blog posts floating around explaining the concepts (here’s my project code with a walkthrough of the process of annotating images), … Read More