Behavioural Cloning: Tips for Tackling Project 3

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In this post I list tips that may be helpful for tackling Project 3 of Udacity’s Self-Driving Car Nanodegree, in which you train a neural network to drive a car in a simulator. The neural network learns from data of humans driving the car through the simulator, hence the project name ‘Behavioural Cloning’ – it’s trying to imitate the way … Read More

Bugger! 4.2: Semicircle lane lines

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Recap from the┬áprevious post: we’re trying to trace lane lines from a video. We just dealt with our pipeline spitting out zebra stripes, but now we’ve got a semicircle trace to deal with (see feature image above). What to do? Step 1: Plot intermediate steps to locate the bug Recall that our model is supposed to: Un-distort the test image … Read More