Explaining Tensorflow Code for a Convolutional Neural Network

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In this post, we will go through the code for a convolutional neural network. We will use Aymeric Damien’s implementation. I recommend you have a skim before you read this post. I have included the key portions of the code below. If you’re not familiar with TensorFlow or neural networks, you may find it useful to read my post on multilayer … Read More

How to Tackle Programming Problems (Google Code Jam 2017 Qualification Round, Problem A)

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This is a walkthrough of how one might start thinking about Problem A (small input) of Google Code Jam’s 2017 Qualification Round (April 8-9). Google posts excellent solutions to their problems, so the focus here will be that of the idea generation process or how one might begin to tackle such problems. Full problem statements can be found here. Problem A (Oversized … Read More

Behavioural Cloning: Tips for Tackling Project 3

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In this post I list tips that may be helpful for tackling Project 3 of Udacity’s Self-Driving Car Nanodegree, in which you train a neural network to drive a car in a simulator. The neural network learns from data of humans driving the car through the simulator, hence the project name ‘Behavioural Cloning’ – it’s trying to imitate the way … Read More

Bugger! 4.2: Semicircle lane lines

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Recap from the previous post: we’re trying to trace lane lines from a video. We just dealt with our pipeline spitting out zebra stripes, but now we’ve got a semicircle trace to deal with (see feature image above). What to do? Step 1: Plot intermediate steps to locate the bug Recall that our model is supposed to: Un-distort the test image … Read More

Mapping Economics

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Scroll down for sample diagrams. Motivation: How can I contribute with my meagre knowledge of Economics? When you spend over twenty hours a week studying, you cannot help but ask, ‘Am I going to use a significant proportion of this later on in life, especially if I don’t become an economist? (No.) If not, why am I spending time learning … Read More