Failure and Fishcakes: An analogy

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‘There is smart & dumb failure. Failure is not desirable but acceptable, even necessary. No risk = no innovation.’ – Vinod Khosla It is okay – even good – if you try a fishcake at a canteen you go to regularly and don’t like it. You are experimenting. Now you know you don’t like their fishcake. It is less okay … Read More

sleeping with a notebook 

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no, about to fall asleep – you, not the notebook – with a pen in hand exhausted but kept awake by the flashing light in your head that keeps you scribbling pages and pages you notice this happens a lot on planes, or when you can’t do the other work that you’ve been in the belly of for the past two, … Read More

6. I looked out to the quiet night

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I looked out to the quiet night and thought I saw the One But Nature did turn on the light and lo! my love was gone. The same way does the tick of Time unveil the ugly Truth Yet Love prevails above all odds That is, if it is pure. — A poem from 2012. ‘This one was inspired by … Read More

5. Fireworks

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Our friendship fireworks soaring high In radiant colors ‘cross the sky But doesn’t the flower fade away And go beneath, and go astray? Only to meet at Ocean’s silent base.

4. Restlessness

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It begins with a trill of the mind, of the finger, Getting up, sitting down, getting up, walking out Walking back, sitting down, getting up, trilling continues Sitting down, shrill fast-forward, getting up, finger taps On the keyboard, on the table, on the forehead, on the keyboard, Forming a rhythm that I can’t get out out out of Like a … Read More

Where is the middle of nowhere?

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Where is the middle of nowhere? Maybe ‘The Middle of Nowhere’ is the name of a place, just as China in Chinese stands for Middle Country. Or ‘Nowhere’ is the name of a place (an incredible one at that, where everyone’s skin is blue and pink and green), and we have to find its centre: it might be where most … Read More


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My blanket is an alpine range Snow-covered silks with dancing suns fresh from the sky just for the eve, an omelette of tourists on cotton sleeve. // Another day a bloodstained scene of war with flowers the size of fortresses, stalks streams flowing up the slope, vessels of thought, of dreamless sleep. // I poise my lens, a photographer capturing … Read More


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The first tree to lose all its leaves and stand exposed to the hustling of others’s leaves, the rustle of warmth as it waves its branches in vain, wind strong enough to chill but not to let those fingers touch and feel its own existence – But it will perhaps hold first the golden chandelier when the spring comes. (Final … Read More

Stream of Consciousness

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I was thinking of doing some stream of consciousness writing. A stream, a flowing stream not necessarily of water but of music, of lava, hot from the oven, hot from the heart, hot from the centre of the Earth, hot from the pot stirred most smoothly by the ladle of Time. But the consciousness that pours out is chaotic, regardless … Read More