How do you learn to ask questions?

Jessica YungLife


We’re told we should ask questions all the time. But what if you’re sitting there during a Q&A session after an excellent talk and genuinely can’t think of any questions? Two years ago, I decided I wanted to start asking questions. I ended up actually asking questions maybe 5-10% of the time. Now I ask questions around 50% of the time, and … Read More

If you don’t water your flowers, they will wither.

Jessica YungLife, Reflections

If you skip one day, they might still survive. But if you neglect to water them for too long, one day it might be too late. Then you are forced to let go even as you are plagued with guilt and regret. ‘If only I had watered it.’ It seems like such a small act, one that might not even … Read More

Where is the middle of nowhere?

Jessica YungLife, Writing

Where is the middle of nowhere? Maybe ‘The Middle of Nowhere’ is the name of a place, just as China in Chinese stands for Middle Country. Or ‘Nowhere’ is the name of a place (an incredible one at that, where everyone’s skin is blue and pink and green), and we have to find its centre: it might be where most … Read More

My Birthday Fail – How failure can be a good thing

Jessica YungLife

And Life said, ‘It’s your birthday? Here’s a whopping failure to celebrate!’ Hurray! It was devastating at first, but I’ve gotten over it now and thought it was interesting and meaningful (look for the bold text) enough to share, so here goes: I love singing and especially enjoy singing in choirs — the interactions between the parts and the beauty of the human voice … Read More