Ian Goodfellow: Generative Adversial Networks

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The second talk I went to at AI WithTheBest 2016 was Ian Goodfellow’s talk on Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), which he invented. Ian is a researcher at OpenAI. GANs are generative models based on supervised learning and game theory. They learn to generate realistic samples and have mostly been used to generate images. For example, you can feed it images … Read More

Dennis Mortensen, Part 1: Frameworks for looking at the AI Market

Jessica YungData Science, Talk Reviews


Last weekend (24th-25th Sept) was the second Ai.WithTheBest conference – an online conference about artificial intelligence. Over two days, speakers gave talks (often from their homes) with live Q&A. Dennis Mortensen of x.ai kicked off this year’s conference with three frameworks for looking at AI products. He gave two frameworks for looking at the AI market and one framework for … Read More

Dennis Mortensen, Part 2: Horizontal vs Vertical AI

Jessica YungData Science, Talk Reviews

In this three-part series we discuss three frameworks for viewing the AI market presented by Dennis Mortensen from X.ai at the 2016 AI WithTheBest conference. (Links to Part 1, Part 3) This time we will discuss the second framework for looking at the AI market: Horizontal vs Vertical AI. The natural question was then how one would differentiate between a … Read More