Creating Networks with Cytoscape

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Revision has never been so fun or so beautiful. 🙂

With so many ideas in Cambridge’s Part I Economics course, it’s crucial to be able to fit the pieces together. To do this, I looked for software to easily create a stylised network.

Cytoscape is an open source (free) software platform for visualising and interacting with complex networks. It’s easy to pick up and import data into and looks pretty. I also tried Gephi, but found that (1) it was much harder and more time-consuming to create networks, and (2) it wasn’t as pretty.
Here are the iterations the network’s gone through this afternoon:
Make nodes from different papers of different colours to visualise the cross-paper connections more easily:screenshot
Add more nodes and edges:
This looks too disconnected. I might have to include more intra-paper nodes to make things more complete. This is different from the original idea of network-ising the links between papers, but will be fun.
Macroeconomics is the framework that ties most things together.
I would rather the examples be slotted under more specific sections. E.g. Late Victorian Sectoral Shifts should be under Structural Shifts, not Unemployment. -> Edit graph structure.
Also change edge styles to make the relationships and hierarchy more obvious. E.g. springy edges to describe ‘A is modeled by B’ or ‘A is a theory about B’ relationships as opposed to faded vertical slash connections for examples.


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