Multi-label classification: One debating topic, many categories

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What colour is this rainbow? Yesterday we wrangled debating motions data using Google Sheets. Today we’ll discuss building a machine learning model to classify these debating topics (e.g. This House Would Break Up the Eurozone) into categories (e.g. ‘Economics’ and ‘International Relations’). Why is this problem interesting? It is primarily a text classification problem. It is a multi-label classification problem. … Read More

A Classification Process Outlined in Simple Terms

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Classification is determining which category an input belongs to. An example is trying to determine if an image is of a frog, a dog or a log. uDacity’s Deep Learning course gives a nice overview of one classification process (Multinomial Logistic Classification) with the following diagram and four steps (we’ll translate this in a moment): Take an input. Turn input into … Read More