Where is the middle of nowhere?

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Where is the middle of nowhere? Maybe ‘The Middle of Nowhere’ is the name of a place, just as China in Chinese stands for Middle Country. Or ‘Nowhere’ is the name of a place (an incredible one at that, where everyone’s skin is blue and pink and green), and we have to find its centre: it might be where most … Read More


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The first tree to lose all its leaves and stand exposed to the hustling of others’s leaves, the rustle of warmth as it waves its branches in vain, wind strong enough to chill but not to let those fingers touch and feel its own existence – But it will perhaps hold first the golden chandelier when the spring comes. (Final … Read More

Stream of Consciousness

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I was thinking of doing some stream of consciousness writing. A stream, a flowing stream not necessarily of water but of music, of lava, hot from the oven, hot from the heart, hot from the centre of the Earth, hot from the pot stirred most smoothly by the ladle of Time. But the consciousness that pours out is chaotic, regardless … Read More

1. Numb

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Your torso is a ladder against the back of the chair again. When did it sink this time? But it never falls past the awkward, never enough for you to lie down on the seat and float, gaze resting on the constellations in your eyes. (Imported from A.Symmetric Space, a side project I have now rescinded)