Lending Club Data: Proportion of Loans that end in Default by US State

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Lending Club Loans Dataset: Complete loan data (over 800k records with up to ~70 attributes each!) for all loans issued through 2007-2015, including current loan status (Current, Late, Fully Paid, etc.) and latest payment information. I’ve posted the full code on GitHub. It (1) shows how I obtained the data used in the map above and (2) includes relevant exploratory … Read More

Improving on code in Jupyter Notebooks

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Here’s a better organised version of the code I posted yesterday predicting survival of passengers in the Titanic dataset. I made three changes: Structured code Modularised code Removed unnecessary code 1. Structured code:¬†Added numbered section headings. Section headings help provide context for the code that follows, allow the reader to have a feel for what is going on by skimming … Read More