1. Numb

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Your torso is a ladder against the back of the chair again. When did it sink this time? But it never falls past the awkward, never enough for you to lie down on the seat and float, gaze resting on the constellations in your eyes. (Imported from A.Symmetric Space, a side project I have now rescinded)

My Birthday Fail – How failure can be a good thing

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And Life said, ‘It’s your birthday? Here’s a whopping failure to celebrate!’ Hurray! It was devastating at first, but I’ve gotten over it now and thought it was interesting and meaningful (look for the bold text) enough to share, so here goes: I love singing and especially enjoy singing in choirs — the interactions between the parts and the beauty of the human voice … Read More

Night write.

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A bee sits on the windowsill  Licking up jam, eating its fill. Well, good! I hope you stay that way But, more importantly, stay away! — Daddy long legs? Why, even my legs are longer than yours. (Thank God for that.) — I’m tired. There’s nothing special about this. As usual, I’m just taking the p*ss. — I haven’t written … Read More

Just for fun

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Happy St. Nicholas Day, and also Happy International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development! Here’s something I wrote in my Economics class to celebrate the occasion: Everyone wants the best for themselves So says the economist, in a rational tone. And so macroeconomics carries the results of these words Onto a national scale, in a world of its own. … Read More

Just some scribblings

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I like a little space for my mind to grow, to swim and to discover the boundless joys of just being Of just thinking, of dancing in meadows of sunshine Conjured by hope and woven by threads of faith.   I like a little space where I can secretly dwell In the lonely hours of twilight or soft rains And … Read More

the Wind

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When your earlobes tingle with the frost of the wind And your nose tip is swelling red, your fingers scorned thin You know that the North Wind is making its dent On the year’s natural calendar, despite your dissent   And yet, if the wind did not blow as it does How high the cost would be to us! — … Read More

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the heavens weep again, frustration beating against the clouds we look up to the skies, lost in wandering gloom lift your hands to the thunder.

The color of water

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What is the color of water Through the lakes an iridescent blue? Or the skies – a weaving thread of vapor Twinkling in golden rays, reflecting pure white Light? Perhaps it’s Darkness condensed in Swamps, dumps and sewers also Penetrating through the putrid steams; Emanating From Factory’s fire and Man’s destruction.


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Like ribbons of smoke on the brow of dawn, they do not dance to your rhythm but to the beating of their hearts. Innocently they ride, a flock on angels’ wings, until they fill the sky with their light: white dissolved in cornflower blue. They love to charm the air, to swoop with the eagles and dance with the waves. … Read More