If you don’t water your flowers, they will wither.

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If you skip one day, they might still survive.

But if you neglect to water them for too long, one day it might be too late. Then you are forced to let go even as you are plagued with guilt and regret. ‘If only I had watered it.’ It seems like such a small act, one that might not even take a minute of your time every day.

Small things accumulate over time. 1.01^365 = 37.78. If you get 1% better every day, you will become over 37 times better after a year. That’s freaking insane.

Small deteriorations accumulate. 0.99^365 = 0.0255. If you get 1% worse every day, one year on you’re left with less than 3% of your original ability.

Small details, gestures, a word, a smile – these things matter.

Know what the most important flowers in your life are and water them.


One Comment on ““If you don’t water your flowers, they will wither.”

  1. cj

    This is so important for learning a bunch of programming languages, a new instrument, a real language etc !!! Just 15 minutes a day over a year is mountains better than putting it off because you can’t spare an hour everyday. I put certain things off for a few years. Definitely could have learned so much if I had just done a little bit everyday. Saw your linkedin, which brought me here (since i’m doing udacity’s ML program too). You know so much data science at your age. Holy cow man! Rock on!

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