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5 Comments on “Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree”

  1. Jingning Tang

    Hello there,

    I am interested in taking this Nanodegree class, but I want to hear your opinion about it. I can definitely find some codes and notes on GitHub to work on it, but I am curious about what I will miss without registering the class. Thank you for your sharing. 🙂

    1. Jessica Yung

      The short answer is that you will /mostly/ miss out on the intangibles like project reviews, interacting with people on Slack, career services etc. You can still discuss SDC related stuff with people without joining the program, but it’ll be harder. Likewise with getting feedback on your work and getting advice about interviews and job applications. So it depends how much value you put on those intangibles.

      The code and content you’ll find on GitHub is also likely to be not as good as Udacity’s original content, but you can probably supplement that with e.g. deep learning content from other courses at a lower price.

  2. KL Tah

    are the code posted on github self-contained? i.e. if i remove the sections entitles “your code here” and practice on my own can i run them locally, or did you run them in the cloud during the course and had to draw on input data from the cloud set up by udacity?

    1. Jessica Yung

      Hi there, the code is not all self-contained in that (1) some data has been omitted and (2) you may need to install open source libraries like TensorFlow and OpenCV. Links to the data (when missing) should be available in Udacity’s GitHub repositories though.

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