Machine Learning resource: Chris Albon’s Code Snippets and Flashcards

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I was looking for code to implement early stopping in Keras today and came across Chris Albon’s website. You may know Chris as a host of Partially Derivative, a podcast about data science. Chris has posted many snippets of commented recipe-like code to do simple things on his website. These range from ways to preprocess images, text and dates such … Read More

Two ways CodeWars trumps HackerRank

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Disclaimer: I am a fan of HackerRank’s contests and wide range of problems across languages and domains. Here I discuss two ways CodeWars is better than HackerRank. (Both are sites where you can do programming problems competitively.) Theme: CodeWars is better for beginner – intermediate learning. CodeWars emphasises testing throughout. While you’re working on the problem, there is a code … Read More