220+ Taylor Swift-Themed Trivia Team Names

Swifties, unite! Are you participating in a trivia night and looking for the perfect team name to show off your love for Taylor Swift?

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just appreciate her multitude of hits, a clever and catchy team name is crucial. After all, you need something that stands out just as much as her music does.

With Taylor’s broad discography and countless iconic moments, finding that perfect team name can be as challenging as navigating a tricky lyric in All Too Well.

But worry not! We’ve curated a list of Taylor Swift-themed trivia team names to give your squad the edge it deserves.

Let’s dive into some categories to help you find the ideal name for your team. Ready for it?

Taylor Swift-Themed Trivia Team Names

Album-Inspired Team Names

  • 1989ers
  • Reputation Rebels
  • Folklore Fanatics
  • Red Squad
  • Lover Legends
  • Speak Now Scholars
  • Fearless Folks
  • Evermore Experts
  • Midnight Memories
  • Self-Titled Swifties

Song-Inspired Team Names

  • Shake It Off Squad
  • Love Story Stans
  • Blank Space Brains
  • Enchanted Ensemble
  • Bad Blood Bandits
  • Wildest Dreams Whizzes
  • Cardigan Crew
  • Delicate Divas
  • Style Savants
  • Illicit Affairs Aces

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Lyric-Inspired Team Names

  • Roller Coaster Kind of Rush
  • The Squad in the Feud
  • Daisy Dukes Dream Team
  • James Dean Daydream
  • Romeo’s Rescue
  • Burning Red Revival
  • Stolen Lullabies
  • Champagne Problems Crew
  • Dancing in Storms
  • Mastermind Marvels

Personas and Characters

  • The Man Squad
  • August’s Angels
  • Betty’s Bunch
  • Ivy Icons
  • Marjorie’s Mavens
  • Fifteen Fan Club
  • Timeless Troupe
  • Joan’s Jamboree
  • The Ronan Rangers
  • Starlight Stars

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Clever and Punny Names

  • All Swifties on Deck
  • Swift as a Fox
  • Sparks Flying Squad
  • Falling Swiftly
  • Swift Solutions
  • Girl in the Dress
  • Out of the Woods Wizards
  • Fearless Forecasters
  • State of Grace Geeks
  • King of My Heart

Honorable Mentions

  • No Body, No Crime Crew
  • Hoax Houdinis
  • Afterglow Admirers
  • Long Live Legends
  • Getaway Car Gang
  • Taylor’s Timeless Troupe
  • The Last Kiss Crew
  • Paper Rings Posse
  • Holy Ground Heroes
  • Clean Connoisseurs

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More Album-Inspired Team Names

  • Tributary of Hits
  • 1989 Knights
  • Red Revivalists
  • Folklore Fellows
  • Reputation Resisters
  • Lover’s Legion
  • Speak Now Speakers
  • Fearless Tribe
  • Evermore Elite
  • The Swift Sanctuary

More Song-Inspired Team Names

  • All To Well Team
  • Tim McGraw’s Tunes
  • Teardrop Titans
  • New Romance Nerds
  • Invisible String Squad
  • Wonderland’s Wonders
  • White Horse Warriors
  • Death By A Thousand Yawns
  • Love and Theft League
  • We Are Never Ever Quitting

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More Lyric-Inspired Team Names

  • Raindrops and Roses
  • The Disco Ball Kind of Team
  • We Found Wonderland
  • My Broken Guitar Strings
  • Holy Orange Bottles
  • Christmas Tree Farm Elves
  • Dare You to Touch
  • Running with Wolves
  • Golden Tattoos
  • Orchard by the Ocean

More Personas and Characters

  • The Bad Blood Brigade
  • The Lucky One Legends
  • Mad Woman Mentees
  • King of My Heart Clan
  • The Last Great American Dynasty
  • Betty’s Friends
  • Forever and Always Amigos
  • James and Inez Gang
  • Ingrid’s Idea Team
  • Peaceful People

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More Clever and Punny Names

  • Swift Decoders
  • Back to December Dreamers
  • Taylor-Made Team
  • Talk Typography
  • Swift Strokes of Genius
  • The Era Spanners
  • We Are Fearless
  • Infinitely Swift
  • Archives of Love
  • Happy Tay-Tay Trails

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There you have it, folks! From album-inspired names to clever puns, there’s a Taylor Swift-themed trivia team name for every squad.

Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner Swiftie and let your creativity shine.

After all, a great team name is the first step to victory. So go forth and conquer trivia night with style, and maybe a bit of Swiftie magic!