The Ocean (II)

Jessica YungPoetry 2009Leave a Comment

Look out! Beware, a storm’s a-coming!

Can’t you hear the cymbals and the drumming?

Heed the ocean roar! Her cries of rage

Echo as she goes on a rampant rampage!

Waves thrash and race ‘cross seven seas

Unleashing her wrath, pulverizing all peace

Swallowing sailors in a huge, merciless gulp

She reduces firm frigates into pulp!

After venting her anger far and wide,

She settles on a steady tide

Sending soft, warm currents off to sleep,

Caressing them with music from the deep.

How quickly does her temper change!

Her voice, too, has an expansive range

She murmurs when the tides are low

Yet, when storms come, does crescendo!

Look closely for her delicate hands

Adorned by lacy silver strands

To protect her children is her first wish –

The lakes, the reefs and all her fish.

After a fatiguing day of work

The ocean retires from mankind’s irk

To lie placid on the coral bed

Where she need not act in anyone’s stead.

a nice sunset. like the peaceful ending of the poem, i guess.

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